Executive Coaching

Let's illuminate and comprehend the "Executive Communication Certificate program" in detail.


  • Aspiring Coaches

  • Communication Experts

  • Leaders

  • Voice Modulation Trainers

  • Soft Skills Trainers

  • Aspiring Global Professionals


  • To delineate your specific niche.

  • Recognize and comprehend your style of coaching through extensive methodologies explained through the course structure.

  • Post graduating from the program you can expeditiously initiate consultations with potential clients.

  • Perceive and process various coaching behaviorally techniques for quick and smooth implementation with prospective clients.

  • Enhance your coaching mindsets through the formulation and enhancement of coaching habits.

  • Design and conceptualize a customized coaching proposal with pricing.

  • Successful completion of the program enlightens you with how to launch yourself in this field.

  • Hands-on practice hours with dynamic 3 to 4 techniques and tools.


  • Strategically planned step-by-step course modules.

  • Niche exploration and discovery sessions.

  • Personal 1:1 mentoring sessions with the Founder.

  • Strategically crafted E-book that has a compiled 6-step Launch template.

  • The E-book seamlessly deciphers the perfect target audience, their problem areas, and scope for improvement through dynamic techniques and tools.

  • Overcome inner fears and mind-blocks, and limiting barriers

  • Live practice sessions with the Founder about coaching techniques.

  • Customized communication plans for individuals based on their styles,

  • Opens up an avenue to peer coaching and further analysis of coaching styles initiated and changes to be made.

  • A certificate that will be awarded that states all the techniques and tools that you have practiced with.

The Executive Communication Certificate Program comprises of this prodigious list of unique deliverables ~

  • 14 sessions ~ exclusively for Executive Communication.

  • 4 sessions ~ coaching practice aided with case studies.

  • 2 sessions ~ personal mentoring for developing the coaching mindset.

  • Special "discovering your coaching niche sessions".

  • Ready-to-use proposal templates.

  • Viral launch templates.

  • Client coaching agreement copy.

  • 100% online/offline support.


And loads of online chats with piping hot mugs of coffee to savour the adventure together!

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