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2023-24 is going to present some unique challenges for businesses & corporate...

In an ever changing world of mergers, acquisitions, funding, investments and other major announcements, leaders need to be articulate and yet compelling in the way they communicate.

Executive Coaching Certification Program (ECCP)
Become an Executive Communication Coach

One of its kind Leadership Communication Coaching Certification program is now open

Leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Coaches
(Learn the most in-demand leadership tool -Coaching your team to perform at their maximum efficiency & highest potential.)

Coaching as a profession has picked up a lot of attention due to its collaborative & empowering approach. Coaching has also become in demand leadership tool in the last couple of years with increasing stress and workload in organizations.

Corporates are encouraging coaching leadership style to help managers and leaders become transformational leaders who empower individuals & teams to be their best selves.

If you are ready to master basic coaching skills to be able to guide your team through barriers and obstacles click on the link below to know more about our UNIQUE COACHING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM

In an ever changing world of mergers, acquisitions, funding, investments and other major announcements, leaders needs to be articulate and yet compelling in their delivery.

Most worldwide leaders seek ‘Executive Coaches ‘who could work on their delivery styles, engagement with their teams and authentic executive presence.


Program Summary- What is in it for you?

I started coaching & mentoring women entrepreneurs in the year 2013.

Since then I have mastered many powerful coaching techniques like NLP, Psychology, and Emotional Intelligence. I invested my time in learning new coaching tools each year to help my clients with exceptional results. I have coached & trained more than 1000 industry leaders and managers to discover their own potential and change the way they communicate for better impact and influence.

In the last 8 years of working with leaders, I have found these 4 top most roadblocks that leaders encounter-

  1. Giving honest feedback

  2. Making their teams listen to them

  3. Reframing complex problems

  4. Managing difficult conversations

Also,​4 most common challenges that coaches struggle with –

  1. ​How to bring transformational results for clients?

  2. Is there a specific approach or methodology?

  3. How to discover coaching niche and target audience?

  4. What is the step by step approach to launching the coaching business?

This 8- week comprehensive program has everything you need to launch your coaching hustle and practice coaching leadership style including 20 hours of coaching practice.

I am sharing my 8 years of coaching experience including tools, techniques, templates and methods that has brought deep transformation for my clients and exceptional results in their personal & professional lives.

4 Experts

8 week certification program


Saturday and Sunday


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Sandhya S. Pillai


Anujaa Navaratnaa


Aparna Gulawani


Paromita Roy

Get Mentored and Coached by

Sandhyaa S Pillai

Anujaa Navratna

Aparna Gulawani

A certified Soft skills Trainer and Emotional Intelligence Coach by profession. Aparna has always believed in turning ideas into action.

A dual combination of empathetic and energetic persona has helped her train numerous individuals to improve their Communication skills.

She guides individuals to express themselves with the help of confidence, clarity and influence.
Her clients vary across diverse backgrounds including corporate professionals, teachers, healthcare professionals, college students, police officers and school students.
She has completed her Masters in Business Administration from University of Pune. She was awarded the winner of ILDA Global Crucible 2020 a contest for Trainers, coaches and consultants to showcase their talent on a global platform.

Anujaa Navaratnaa is Founder - Mindful Heart - Evolve with Anu, a Gender Affirmative Counseling Psychologist,  Mentor and Transformation Coach / Life Coach.

Her areas of work include Marital / Relationship disturbances, Anxiety / Stress Management, Mentoring and Coaching Corporate Employees as well as Entrepreneurs. She also works with cancer patients & their caretakers and with the LGBTQIA+ community.

A practising spiritual healer, she believes in having a  holistic approach towards life. With empathy and compassion, she guides her clients towards the clarity and purpose of their life at their core. With 21+ years of work experience in a Corporate MNC in Human Resources and Knowledge Management, she is now on the panel of various organizations as a Mental Health Expert.

Personal Branding Consultant & an NLP Practitioner at heart

A versatile Learning and Development professional with experience in

Generalist HR, Administration, Vendor Management, Promotion and Marketing, Counselling.

The total span of work experience of 12 years with manufacturing, hospitality, print media, training and IT industries.

Paromita Roy

A leading Executive Communication Coach and Mentor for Coaches who has 21 years of industry experience & coached more than 1000 leaders so far. Industry experience of more than 21 years in Executive Communication Coaching & Training including Leadership Communication, Accent & Language Correction. She has conducted numerous workshops and group coaching for senior Managers, CXO, & C-Suite Leaders in the last 8 years. She has worked with multinational brands like American Express, HSBC, Wells Fargo, IDFC, Microsoft, Dhanuka, Fidelity etc. She has been awarded as the Best Women’s Communication Coach by a leading lifestyle publication and received many accolades as a motivational speaker.

Join the league of ‘Communication Coaches’- A field in coaching which is becoming popular and in demand.


On Completion of this Coaching certification as an Executive Coach you can-

  1. Coach new executives/hires to meet the communication demands of the new role.

  2. Coach Startup and Entrepreneurs on their elevator pitch and help them share their business ideas with conviction & clarity.

  3. Coach leaders and managers on reframing the language they use in their performance feedback or review session for faster actions

  4. Coach leaders for their upcoming speaking events & key note speeches.

  5. Coach business owners/entrepreneurs  to speak with influence & persuasion

  6. Coach Managers to create a positive coaching culture in their organization.

  7. Coach physical/virtual teams on communication gaps that impact their performance

  8. Coach Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to reframe complex problems in simple language for faster actions

On Completion of this certification as a Leader you can coach your teams to-

  1. Handle Difficult Conversations

  2. Handle Tough Performance reviews

  3. Receive honest feedback

  4. Build trust and be authentic

  5. Supporting bottom up conversations

  6. Adapt to team’s communication style

  7. Manage virtual team communication

  8. Align team to company’s vision/objectives


This 8-week certification program has everything an aspiring coach needs to start his coaching business.

Strategically planned step-by-step course modules.

Niche exploration and discovery sessions (for aspiring coaches)

Personal 1:1 mentoring sessions with the Master Coach.

Strategically crafted E-book that has a compiled 6-step Launch template (for aspiring coaches)

Live Coaching Practice Sessions

Cross Coaching & Peer coaching practice sessions.

Special Coaching Mindset and Mastery sessions for all participants.

Exclusive 1-week Leadership modules for Leaders & Business Owners

The Executive Communication Certificate Program comprises of this impressive list of unique deliverables ~

  1. 14 sessions ~ exclusively for Executive Communication.

  2. 4 sessions ~ coaching practice aided with case studies.

  3. 2 sessions ~ personal mentoring for developing the coaching mindset.

  4. 20 hours of coaching practice and 4 hours of peer coaching

  5. Special "discovering your coaching niche sessions".

  6. Exclusive 1-week Leadership Modules for Leaders and Business Owners

  7. Ready-to-use proposal templates.

  8. Viral launch templates.

  9. Client coaching agreement copy.

  10. 100% online/offline support.

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