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Chief Expression Officer: 5 essential communication hacks for CEOs

 Leaders know that the way one perceives the world is completely dependent on the person, their life experiences, and thought processes. The leader bears the brunt of the ultimate leadership responsibility; needing to bring diverse minds to the same vision and become the harbinger of success. Climbing to the top of the corporate ladder involves many challenges, but effective communication does not have to be one of them. Here are some tips that outline simple solutions to master the art of communication.

Ears wide open

If you've ever caught someone zoning out in an important meeting, you know the benefits of active listening. Listen to understand, not respond. Listening actively will not only increase productivity and competence but also reduce any conflicts or misunderstandings in the workplace.

Read between the nose scratches

Nonverbal communication is the key to understanding and perceiving others' true feelings in a situation. Learning the signs of nervousness or fear can shine a light on the root causes of certain problems.  touching the face or hair, constantly fiddling with one’s stationery, moving around, and swinging feet are all indications of various levels of distress.

Blend in while standing out

Maintaining the same line of thought, one can adapt or change their own verbal and nonverbal behaviors like facial expression, body language, eye contact, and appearance. This not only contributes to building trust but also puts employees at ease and ensures clear communication. Adaptive communication results in closer relationships founded on trust and faith.

Lunch laughter to boardroom banter

Encouraging everyone to speak freely and openly will establish a sense of camaraderie, resulting in problem-solving together. Pitching in everyone’s ideas can lead to better and improved productivity in the office. It sends a clear message that vulnerability will not be dealt with by condescension but with understanding.

Lead, don't feed

The ‘aping attitude’ has not changed in years. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) also refers to the ‘mirroring & matching’ technique right? If leaders do not lead by example, one cannot expect the team to follow. A person who leads by example earns the respect and credibility of colleagues. Be wary of spoon-feeding solutions to the team.

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. 

Being at the top of the ladder is like standing on the top of a summit, that is, despite being on top, one remains grounded, offering to lift others. 

Much like the weather nowadays, modern business is an ever-changing landscape. 

In this rocky terrain, communication isn't just a tool, it is a means to unleash the full potential of all those involved. 

So, let's elevate our communication game, equip ourselves with these invaluable skills, and lead our teams to success with clarity and authenticity.

If you feel you are clueless about the steps, I would love to hop on a call with you to discuss further.

Written by Jeny Samuel

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