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Hi, I am Sandhyaa S. Pillai,
I am a Mentor for Aspiring Executive Coaches

My dear coaches,  
I know exactly how you are feeling right now. 

Helping people live their best lives and realize their potential has always fascinated me. But in order to get here, I had to jump over a lot of obstacles. 

Turbulence on the personal front led to switching duties. Being a single parent, I had to manage my life, work, and my daughter’s life. There were times when days went blank and I couldn’t understand why I woke up the next day. I had prioritized money over my emotional stability and mental well-being. 

I did what was expected by society…
move on.    
But soon I realized the truth:

I had to find a purpose, not a priority. 


Being mindful of your unhealthy self- talk & listening to your inner voice is your biggest power as a coach.

~ Sandhya S. Pillai

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My soul-searching moments and blissful opportunity of working with women who were going through identity crisis was a TURNING POINT in my life.

This responsibility made me feel obligated to broaden my knowledge and skill in the area of professional coaching. 

In addition to my desire to work with women to help them maximize their professional and personal potential,
I also started working on myself to become a better coach every day.

Helping clients achieve clarity, produce results, and experience a sen
se of victory has been incredibly gratifying. 

The journey has been a mix of new life lessons, unique experiences, and mastering new coaching techniques.

I made these New Mindset Shifts, to be the best and deliver the best in what I do.

  • I don’t need to be perfect to start my coaching hustle

  • I am not weak if I ask for help

  • I don’t need to know it all to be a coach

  • I can have my own coaching methodology

  • I don’t have to be everywhere for visibility

  • Most important, I may not see immediate changes in a person.

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Image by Tony Litvyak

My dear aspiring coaches, you are NOT here by accident.
You are exactly at this time, at this place, reading this piece FOR A REASON. 

You are meant to be changing the way people express their ideas.
You are the reason they would create an impact in their world.
You will be the power behind those influential leaders.


You don’t have do it alone.
I have created an easy 5 step method to take your 1st Coaching Session with ease, effectiveness and emotional connect.

My 10 years of working with corporate leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs and my extensive study on self-expression, self- talk and self-image has helped me design the most sought after ‘Signature Communication Coaching Program for leaders’

These coaching experiences of a decade has helped me understand a leaders’ communication pain areas and how we(coaches) can help them change their unhealthy communication patterns.

Experience any of these and get started now.

“Create a legacy and make your presence felt” 



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