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Hi, I am Sandhyaa S. Pillai, and I was clueless and had imposter syndrome. 

How to upthrust your presentation techniques?

Helping people live their best lives and realize their potential has always fascinated me. But in order to get here, I had to jump over a lot of obstacles. 

Turbulence on the personal front led to switching duties. Being a single parent, I had to manage my life, work, and my daughter’s life. There were times when days went blank and I couldn’t understand why I woke up the next day. I had prioritized money over my emotional stability and mental well-being. 

I did what was expected by society…move on.    
But soon I realized the truth:

I had to find a purpose, not a priority. 


You were born to roar confidently not murmur at the mirror… 


This responsibility made me feel obligated to broaden my knowledge and skill in the area of professional coaching.

In addition to my desire to work with people to help them reach an epochal juncture and maximize their professional and personal potential, I see it as a learning experience that will be beneficial to both my personal and professional lives. 

Helping clients achieve clarity, produce results, and experience a sense of victory has been incredibly gratifying. The journey was a mix of new life lessons, unique experiences, and the realization that our personal circumstances do, in fact, influence how we learn.

Image by Tony Litvyak

I became aware of and intrigued to obtain insights, build trust, and create a very sympathetic and supportive environment that enables the individual client to be responsive and eager to share thanks to the coaching capabilities of maintaining visibility and reflective listening for what the client is trying to say and not saying, tonality, intonations, and the ability to be silent for introspection during coaching sessions.

When people sought my advice or counsel in the past, I tended to always offer solutions and fix issues rather than work with them to understand their situation and take action, but I quickly realized during the mentorship journey that it was more beneficial to motivate the client to unleash their greatest potential and create their functionalities in order to bring about an epiphany than to suggest what to do. It slowly dawned on me that the only way for people to be engaged and committed to the outcome is for them to gain clarity and own the solutions to whatever issues they are experiencing.



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