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Why opt for standard coaching when you have the opportunity to become an exceptional and highly sought-after coach?

Our Executive Communication Coaching Program is designed to empower coaches to enable leaders to command rooms, secure deals, and ignite action.

In today's fiercely competitive corporate landscape, effective communication is not just desirable – it is indispensable.

Join us and uncover the strategies to become the preferred coach for top-tier executives, propelling success at every opportunity.

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12-Week Certification Program

Executive Coaching Certification Program (ECCP)
Become an Executive Communication Coach

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27th April 2024


Saturday & Sunday


07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Are leaders prepared to handle global roles and cross cultural communication?

Coaches, are you ready to bring deep transformation for leaders this year?

If you are ready to master leadership coaching skills to be able to guide your clients through communication barriers and obstacles click on the link below to know more about 

Dear Communication Coach, Business Communication Faculty, English Trainer, V&A Trainers, and Language Trainers, Public Speaking Experts or Leadership Communication Trainers,

If answer to the one or more of the above is YES, then register yourself to find a way to launch your own coaching hustle.

Are you bored of conducting the same communication trainings and language workshops for years?

Do you have the passion to go deeper to understand the real reason for Client’s Communication Challenges?

Have you been thinking lately of doing something more than just language or voice?

Do you have valid Certifications, Credentials, Experience & Content, Yet unable to launch your Coaching Programs?

You are a certified coach and waiting to sign up for 1st paid client?

Are you waiting for everything to be in perfect order to launch your own coaching hustle? 

Most certified coaches struggle with these common challenges How to bring transformational results for clients?
1.    Is there a specific approach or methodology?
2.    How to discover coaching niche and target audience?
3.    How to get paid clients?

We at SANDHYACOACH have curated a step-by-step approach to help you launch your COMMUNICATION coaching business. 

This 12-week comprehensive program has everything you need to launch your coaching hustle, personal mentoring, coaching case study discussion including
 20 hours of coaching practice.

One must, first of all, have a solid foundation.”

If you are an aspiring coach and have a strong desire to transform the world around you with your skills, you first need to polish them. 

Fortunately, you’ve landed on the right page, as I (Sandhyaa S Pillai-Founder) at Sandhya Coach, believe in the power of transformation through the right set of learnings! 

If you have the apt skill -set, the correct attitude, and an open mind-set, the sky is the limit!

How does ECCP help you?

To help you carve my niche with my existing credentials, certifications and experience

Recognize and comprehend your style of coaching through extensive methodologies explained through the course structure.

Post graduating from the program, you can initiate consultations with potential clients.

Perceive and process various coaching behavioural techniques for quick and smooth implementation with prospective clients.

Enhance your coaching mind-sets through the formulation and enhancement of coaching habits.

Design and conceptualize a customized coaching proposal with pricing.

Successful completion of the program enlightens you on how to launch yourself in this field.

Hands-on practice hours with dynamic 3 to 4 techniques and tools.

On Completion of this Coaching certification as an Executive Communication Coach you can-

Coach new executives/hires to meet the communication demands of the new role.

Coach Start-up and Entrepreneurs on their elevator pitch and help them share their business ideas with conviction & clarity.

Coach leaders and managers on reframing the language they use in their performance feedback or review session for faster actions

Coach leaders for their upcoming speaking events & key note speeches.

Coach business owners/entrepreneurs to speak with influence & persuasion

Coach Managers to create a positive coaching culture in their organization.

Coach physical/virtual teams on communication gaps that impact their performance

Coach Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to reframe complex problems in simple language for faster actions

If you are a CERTIFIED COACH/ ASPIRING COACH and KEEN to know how to start

Perks of having a mentor in this journey is-

Get complete support in launching yourself as a Personal Brand

Design and launch your Signature Program together

100% handholding at every step to help you handle imposter syndrome, fear or any other obstacles

Getting Constant Feedback to help you improve your coaching style

Regular monitoring to help you take actions every week before the launch

Like having a confidante’, friend, cheerleader, and partner.


Master Coach

Sandhyaa S Pillai

A leading Executive Communication Coach and Mentor for Coaches who has 23 years of industry experience & coached more than 10000 leaders so far. Professional experience of more than 10 years in Executive Communication Coaching & Training including Leadership Communication, Stakeholder Engagement, Key Note Speech, Cross-Cultural Communication, Global Accent & NLP Language Reframing. 

She has conducted numerous workshops and group coaching for senior Managers, CXO, & C-Suite Leaders in the last 10 years. 
She has worked with multinational brands like American Express, HSBC, Wells Fargo, IDFC, Microsoft, Dhanuka, Fidelity, etc. 

She has been awarded as the Best Women’s Communication Coach by a leading lifestyle publication and received many accolades as a motivational speaker.

Recently she was listed in the ‘Top Coaches List’ by Coach Foundation, UK.

She is sharing her 10 years of coaching experience including tools, techniques, templates, and methods that has brought deep transformation for her clients and exceptional results in their personal & professional lives.

Join the league of Communication Coaches- A field in coaching that is becoming popular and in demand. 

To know more about how this certification can be the 1st step towards your dream


This 12-week certification program has everything an aspiring coach needs to start his coaching business.

Strategically planned step-by-step course modules.

Niche exploration and discovery sessions (for aspiring coaches)

Personal 1:1 mentoring sessions with the Master Coach.

Strategically crafted E-book that has a compiled 6-step Launch template (for aspiring coaches)

Live Coaching Practice Sessions

Cross Coaching & Peer coaching practice sessions.

Special Coaching Mindset and Mastery sessions for all participants.

Exclusive 1-week Leadership modules for Leaders & Business Owners

The Executive Communication Certificate Program comprises of this impressive list of unique deliverables ~

  1. 14 sessions ~ exclusively for Executive Communication.

  2. 4 sessions ~ coaching practice aided with case studies.

  3. 2 sessions ~ personal mentoring for developing the coaching mindset.

  4. 20 hours of coaching practice and 4 hours of peer coaching

  5. Special "discovering your coaching niche sessions".

  6. Exclusive 1-week Leadership Modules for Leaders and Business Owners

  7. Ready-to-use proposal templates.

  8. Viral launch templates.

  9. Client coaching agreement copy.

  10. 100% online/offline support.

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