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3 habits coaches should start cultivating right away

If you’ve ever had an impactful outcome with the help of a great coach, you would know how powerful coaching can be. When a good leader is also a great coach, the team members have some or all of these reactions to it: “My best leader aka coach…

  • propelled me

  • believed in me all the while, even when I couldn’t myself

  • assisted me in realizing my potential

  • committed time in developing me

If you wish to receive these overwhelming responses from your team members or clients, you must draw, determine, and demonstrate the below mentioned highly effective three habits.

During my 22 years of experience working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and leading brands, these three daily power-packed habits helped me connect with others better.

Practicing these habits makes me realize that a leader is successful only when their team succeeds. Thus, the goal is to equip the team with these three habits too.

3 Highly Effective Habits that helped my clients

1)Put the other person first.

We often tend to display our needs and demands before others, naturally. But coaching is all about you and yourself. I, My, mine, myself can take a break for a while. Every being has some pain. We have an opportunity to heal them if we look for it.

When you consider what your client is going through, the journey towards growth and holistic development of the client can be achieved. You must be able to train your mind as a coach to consume only the story in a non-judgemental format.

It shall help you understand the art of putting your clients first while working with your coachee.

2)Take the time to get to know your coachee.

Getting to know your clients is crucial but can consume a lot of time. You need to hone the skill of being patient. Digging deep through thought-provoking conversations can help you understand what makes them tick –

  • Why are they in this?

  • What left their spirits higher?

  • What are their pain points?

  • What do they fear the most?

  • What are the bench marking techniques they use for measuring their success?

Delving into all this deeper shall help you anticipate their requirements. And by doing so, you shall see them participate more efficiently. The reason is simple they are overwhelmed to see your efforts in knowing them and your investment in their growth.

3)Challenge yourself daily

When you put in efforts to understand the client in a better way, it creates a positive impact. But this stage can be achieved only when you challenge yourself every day with something new.

Challenging yourself helps you see new perspectives and new guiding principles. Walking out of your comfort zones will pave the path towards a challenging environment for you. And growth happens only under such circumstances.

Questioning yourself with how, why, and with whom the behavior occurs will create a challenge in itself for you.

Has this blog made you ponder? Has it helped you in some way? Share it so it can do the same for others in need.

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