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3 power-packed tools for Coaches

"Your great power lies not on the surface, but deep within your being”

The power within ourselves can be felt by inducing the same energy into someone’s life. It's amazing how much satisfaction you get from seeing a contended smiling soul. To bring about the transformation in the clients the coaches use the crafted powerful tools.

A coach can leverage the coaching process to another level by using these 3 top powerful tools. Let’s delve deeper into these resources and see for ourselves.

1. Self-Reflection Journal

When you change yourself, you can change the world. Introspection goes a long way in knowing yourself better. Every change big or small starts with understanding your self-awareness and self-reflection. Self-reflection journaling is a thought-provoking way of doing so. Gift your clients a journal and get them into the habit of penning their feelings and thoughts. Pouring our thoughts is the easiest way to vent our hearts out.

Ask them to write with a free mind without being judgemental.

Observing everything that is happening around, detaching oneself from it, and then penning it down as a third person will give them a clear understanding.

Journaling is known to have a meditative and therapeutic effect, for starters, it is a good practice and can automatically reduce stress from your clients’ minds.

2. Confidence Resume or Victory Log

The confidence resume is more of a worksheet that serves as a tool for future activities. You can draft a perfect confidence resume exploring the strengths of your client. When stress or negative vibes creep in this ‘confidence resume’ is a powerful tool to remind the clients about their strengths and abilities. Needless to say, you must remind your clients to be modest and open while filling up the worksheet. Victory Lag or Confidence Resume is the tool that lets you look back on one's career or life in a positive light.

3. Wheels of Life

The colorful spectrum of life denotes the different facets of life. Some elements are happy and some need improvisation. It works as a highly personalized and enlightening tool for clients. Instruct your clients to ponder over these areas and jot down their brief opinions about them –

  • Health

  • Family

  • Personal Growth

  • Leisure time

  • Home Environment

  • Career Status

  • Financial position

Drawing a line segment for each category, mark zero as the epicenter. The center of the circle represents zero and working upwards the client can mark their level of satisfaction on a scale of 10. At the end join the segment with dots of the markings. Wheels of life will give a crystal-clear picture to you as a coach and your client as a coachee to keep a track of each area in their life.

A coach needs many more amazing tools to achieve 360° transformation in the coachee’s lifestyle and thought process. Stay tuned with us to know more about such enriching tools.

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