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Daily De- Clutter Series Tip 2- Clearing Mental Clutter to bring abundance

Do you feel stuck up in bad habits?

Do you feel you are stuck in bad/ toxic relationships?

Are you still suffering from pains of the past?

If the answer of any of the above is YES, then this TIP is important for you.

I have gone through anxiety and panic attacks during my separation.

I had so much to handle including personal and professional commitments and additional responsibilities. Decluttering my mental space brought peace and calmness in my life. It was a step by step method and slow progress but it definitely made my more productive and a happy person.

Some of the steps that is a sure shot way to De- Clutter your mental chaos are as follows-


Please work on one item at a time. Take a break of 30 minutes and then focus on the next item. Following this most important and extremely powerful tip changed my life for better.

  • DON”T SAY YES WHEN YOU WANT TO SAY NO- This book by Herbert Fensterheim is magical and a bible for me for life.

We should not try to accommodate other people’s requests when we are in a MENTAL CHAOS. Learn to say NO assertively. One cannot please everyone. Please yourself and see the difference. Free your mind from the guilt of not being of service at that time.

When it is time to work on SELF, nobody else is the priority then. Treat yourself as topmost priority and make your life better for people to enjoy your company.

  • JOURNAL WRITING – This is the only tip that worked for me miraculously.

Journal writing helps to De- Clutter the negative thoughts and sort out the real reason for the CHAOS. Listen to the voices in your head; hear your SELF TALK.

This is what worked for me and may work for you too- For every negative thought, I replaced it with 2 good thoughts that made my day.

  • Dance from the soul, drum and sing from your heart

Take out sometime and spend with friends where you don’t discuss any of the above.

Let loose and Just Be. Enjoy that moment of joy and happiness with friends. It surely helps you think positively and focus on what is important. In my case, it was PERSONAL HAPPINESS.

  • Grow greens indoors, get wind chimes for your door and lift your spirits high with light music- CREATE A SMALL BEAUTIFUL SPACE FOR YOURSELVES

  • LESS SCREEN TIME – This does not need further explanation. The trick that worked for me was switching off WhatsApp every 2 hours, deleting FB messenger from my phone and Insta notifications on mute.

These 6 actions if practiced over a week, will make you feel light, happy and stress free. Universe has better plans for us. Only we if create a clear and pure mental space, will the happiness and joy around get absorbed.

Please feel free to share what else worked for you to live a STRESS FREE LIFE.

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