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Daily De-Clutter Treat Series- 1st Tip - Clearing your Physical Space.

Keeping your physical space cluttered can lead to clutter and chaos in our mind and before even we know it starts impacting our physical and mental health.

Being minimalist was not the way of life for me, at least not until 2017.Most of the times we would not what is going wrong for us.

While working on my Personal Happiness Goals this year,De- Cluttering my life was the first step that brought miracles in the way I looked at everything.

So if your personal goal is to have clarity in your thoughts and focused energy, these 5 tips would definitely work wonders for you.

Today I am taking up the PHYSICAL CLUTTER which is mostly ignored when it comes to PERSONAL HAPPINESS .It is a common myth that mental and emotional clutter needs to be addressed first.

Working on your PHYSICAL SPACE be it work or home makes you feel organised and sorted.

Your PHYSICAL SPACE is a reflection of who you are and what you love.So make it beautiful and clean.

  • One of the famous and simplest way that works for me is 12-12-12 challenge.

  • 12 items for Trash

  • 12 items to Keep

  • 12 items to Relocate or Give.

Or the most popular 4 Box Method of Give, Keep, Trash, Relocate...

Start today by clearing your physical space to have clear and pure energy in your work space and home.

Choose simplified,uncluttered life with less stuff.

See you tomorrow with a new tip for stress-free life.

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