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Spark Your Coaching Journey: Cultivate Confidence in Launching Your Communication Coaching Business!

Launching your business - Did you feel a storm of exhilaration, anxiety and joy? The thought itself stirs a cocktail of emotions. Starting a coaching business as a communication coach can be a beginning of an exciting journey.

Here are the steps to start off with confidence :-

Narrowing to Niche

We may be a jack of all trades but master on none. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it’s advisable to be a master at one . Identify & highlight your specific area of expertise, will make your brand positioning easier. Narrowing down your niche will broaden your path to your ideal clients.


• Deliberate on your value system, strengths, skills, experience, unique talents, passion and areas where you excel as a communication enthusiast.

• Understanding your target audience, conducting Market Research, Analyzing Your Competition, asking your network etc helps you decipher if, what you have to offer is aligning with what they need.

• Be open to learn, grow & evolve as narrowing the niche is an ongoing process. Adapting to your potential and market requirements be ready to refine the niche.


Have you ever asked an amateur painter to paint your home? So how can a client not ask coach his credibility?

Like in any industry, establishing credibility is the next step. Potential clients may seek evidence of your expertise and success in the field.


• Offer pro bono sessions to gain testimonials and build a portfolio.

• Certifications or degrees can enhance your credibility.

• In coaching business competence, character and compassion

runs longer than certifications.

Find a Client

This can be the turning point to all the steps in coaching.

Attracting clients. Who can I serve? & how can I serve?- should be your thought while engaging in attracting clients. Initial clients are opportunities to showcase your expertise and gain visibility.


• Networking with professionals

• Engaging on social media platforms • Creating professional websites

• Offer free webinars or workshops

Clarity on Commercials

At the onset of coaching clients, deciding the right is delicate. With too high rates you might end up loosing clients and too low rates might undervalue your expertise.


• Consider your niche, industry standards & the client when setting your fees.

• Cookie cutter method cannot be followed with all the clients.

Time Management

In this epoch of hustle, balancing a business can be demanding. Managing marketing on Social Media, taking coaching sessions, learning new aspects in your niche and enjoying your personal life- all these could leave you with an overwhelming timetable. You are the asset in this business. Managing time would ensure your health and sanity.


• Allocate time for different aspects of your business. • Separate time for personal & professional life.

• Create a well-structured schedule & stick to it.

Every step can be a challenge or just a process to move forward. Time and persistence makes a successful coach. Understand, prepare and evolve. New learnings, client feedback and ready to be refined mindset will ensure not only a smooth launch but an enriching journey after the launch. Give me key words and a catchy heading and also few important contents to put on a poster to make it persuasive.

Source : Suja Mullasseril ( Communication Coach )

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