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Do you Communicate 


Join the bandwagon of exploring your COMMUNICATION and evolving through learning.

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How to upthrust your presentation techniques?

The free e-book walks you through tried-and-true techniques that will equip you with the necessary skill sets for impactful communication, empowering body language, and inspiring mindset. 

Personal journey begins


I was Clueless on how to engage a client in a 1:1 session

Just ditched the corporate havoc and stepped into the expansive world of entrepreneurship. Was unbalanced but stood by the tide.


I was unsure of the Transformation I could bring 

Acquiring 1:1 session, the next step was to hit the corporate world, but this time on the other side, as a Coach. 


I had Imposter Syndrome.

When I signed my first high-ticket client, I was nervous and doubted my abilities. But as after every dark night the Sun shines bright, I succeeded in spreading visionary luminescence.  


I did not know how to Market my Brand

Handling a stable coaching business is one thing and single-handedly marketing it is another. Hiring a few helping hands, made the journey walkable.  


But each milestone brought learning and today I AM - 

Confident as a Coach

Meet the Master Coach- Sandhya

Being a single mother wasn’t a cakewalk. With friction on the personal front, the professional face couldn’t look polished. Despite the storms, I remained strong and determined. 

A motive to be strong and live life on my terms kept me rooted in reality. Diving into work and surpassing the hindrances polished my confidence from a different perspective. Life is the best teacher, and I was a damn good student. 

Overcoming fears, failures, situations, and consequences, I stand
stronger, bolder, and brighter, today. 


Sandhyaa is Flamboyant 
She is here to spark up your Shyness and help you Evolve Powerfully

Programs we offer


Executive Communication Coaching Program


Coaching Program


Want powerful practices that will help you evolve as a Master Coach diving into your inbox every Wednesday? 

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