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Unleashing Confidence: A Journey of Empowered Coaching and Learning

Coaching is beyond a profession, it’s a calling to serve, to guide and to anchor individuals to their empowered version. Intuitive questioning, empathic listening and non-judgmental attitude are few of the the prerequisites for being a coach.

Confidence is the primary catalyst that propels any coach to success. You are not born with confidence. It is undoubtedly a skill, like playing an instrument, that can be developed, acquired and practiced.

Initial challenges

Coaches also face internal challenges such as self-doubt, difficulty setting boundaries, building a trusting relationship, imposter syndrome etc.

Tackling uncertainty

There is no point in wasting your time thinking about whether you will succeed or not. You may succeed or fail, but doubting yourself is the same as denying yourself the chance to try. You are wrong if you think that your first client is your first opportunity. The first opportunity came when you let yourself try.

Tackling self- doubt

Confidence and self-doubt are different versions of the same story. As I said earlier, if your confidence drives you, your self-doubt has to prepare you.

Coaches are the confidence vending machines. Confidence is not a situation where you don't make mistakes. Confidence is accepting that you might make mistakes, but you're here to learn and do your best.

Tackling with Humility

Humility will help you with your fear, self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Humility to understand that we are all in a process of pursuing our happiness, the mediums may be different; to understand that experiences are either failures or lessons as we define them.

Tackling with learning

Let our fears be our fuel for conscious learning and development. The vending machine does not produce the products, it needs to be refilled regularly. The same goes for coaches. Regular replenishment of learning, reading & experience will enable coaches to deliver quality and relevant coaching.

Tackling with service mindset

The service mentality, which lets you think that you’re here to help; you’re here to give a bit of yourself to this world, is the stimulant. The certifications and experience are definitely enhancers but they are never the final verdict of your competency. The growth mindset nurtured with constant learning is the imprint of your credible expertise.

Once you understand the goals of the client, your mission is to guide them to see the goals, to face the challenges, to weigh the options & to decide the way forward to achieve their vision.

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